This amazing, highly versatile kit has been carefully put together...each and every item is carefully and personally seleced by me. They are all chosen for certain reasons as they all complement each other energetically.


This kit comes fully cleansed and charged.


  • As every crystal is different and unique, so is every Abalone shell. Sizes may vary!
  • The tuning forks may come in different colours but will all be in the 4096C tuning.
  • The smudge sticks may have different shapes/sizes also depending on supplies.


Please consider these discrepancies before purchasing. Rest assured you will receive a high quality and powerful product we are sure you will love.


Every kit comes with a printed document including details of all the items included and guidance about how to use them.


I also made a video about how I personally use it. You can watch it on my instagram chanel: Click here



Frequency Kit