My Story

My name is Rita. I was born in Hungary, moved to Germany when I was 5 and lived there till I was 18 before moving to Australia. I attempted to move back to Europe on a few occasions but somehow always ended up back in Australia. My journey in the wellness industry started in 1993 as an Aerobics instructor and then Personal trainer living in Sydney.

In 1996 I was given my first yoga book and my life took a different turn towards a more holistic kind of lifestyle. Everything changed!

Even though my life went through a lot of ups and downs, causing a lot of trauma not just physically but emotionally and mentally also Yoga and all its teachings was always there to help me through it.


Everything I was learning molded me along the way and I was eager to learn and learn and learn more. It felt like a never ending journey but I could feel myself change and busting to share it with others, helping them integrate all I knew into their own life's, helping themselves.

After years of private training, completing various courses, I found myself teaching in Europe and Australia. It became my life and integrated in everything I do, in everything I am.

Over the years I have done many other things, dabbled in various other areas that enabled me to gain knowledge in not just the wellness industry but business, marketing, coaching, beauty and many other things not even related to this industry. I even completed a Post Grad Masters in Personal Leadership Development while raising a toddler, but my heart always pulled me back to yoga.

A few years fast forward and I find myself engulfed in sound and frequency alongside my yoga and all I can think of is holding space and assisting the collective to heal, raising their vibration and finding our way back to Oneness.

We are all going through massive changes and living in challenging times...some need more help than others and some of us are ready to stand and guide as a beacon of light, love and peace.

I don't call myself a healer but having the ability of being the vessel/conduit to assist others to go through their own healing journey, channeling the energy needed through my own being.

Struggling with anxiety and PTSD myself I can definitely relate and assist people in their own healing, being able to live a balanced, healthy and happy life.

My work these days is highly intuitive and I use All of my preciously learned knowledge and skills to provide highly integrated therapy sessions and guidance tailored to the individual.

I love how every session is different and is highly rewarding to me as well, not just to my clients.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you, holding space and supporting you in your healing journey if you're ready to put the work in that is needed.

Blessings & Namaste