I am truly passionate about holding space and supporting my clients on their healing journey.

It's a give and take and a true energy exchange as I get as much out of every session as they do.

My one on one yoga sessions with Rita over many years have been an important oasis of calm during some challenging times...the incorporation of her intuitive sound therapy into these sessions has added another dimension to the experience, enhancing my journey towards a more balanced life. - Cathy 

I work in a corporate office environment and together with a group of my colleagues, I take one of Rita's classes during my lunch break. Rita is really good at adapting the class to individual requests, including from people who have injuries or who want to focus on a particular routine or muscle group. She is patient, knowledgeable and professional. Taking the class wakes me up and refreshes me for the afternoon ahead. These sessions greatly assist with our mental health and work-productivity as well. - Naomi (Planner)

I had a session with Rita last week. I am blown away by her insight, her knowledge and the mesmerizing sounds around me. I was under that magical influence for days after her very special session.

I have been using frequency, vibrations for a while for healing and space clearing but this is a whole new level of healing . Highly recommended - Edina