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I am truly passionate about holding space and supporting my clients on their healing journey.

It's a give and take and a true energy exchange as I get as much out of every session as they do.

I also love how I can assist others with their healing with our amazing Equilibrium chimes and other frequency products.

My 1:1 yoga sessions with Rita over many years have been an important oasis of calm during some challenging times...the incorporation of her intuitive sound therapy into these sessions has added another dimension to the experience, enhancing my journey towards a more balanced life. - Cathy 

Ooooh Rita! The chime turned up today and the videos and sound files online really don't do them justice. The sound and resonance is absolutely beautiful! Also louder than I expected too! I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future. Thank you so so much! - Jaquie L.

The workshop was absolutely amazing. I learned more than I expected and getting one of your chimes as a gift is for sure a special treat. I loved the small interactive group setting and that I was able to try various instruments. I learned so many tips and tricks I never thought existed. It's worth way more than I paid for. So happy I found it.

Thank you - Lisa M.

If you wish to feel more inspiration for this amazing healing tool and self-discovery, Rita helps to break it down into easy to understand elements that leave you thirsting for more. Her workshops are awesome! She also generously gifts you with a chime of your choosing, but beware, the more times you play them, the more you want to have them all!! These chimes are of top quality, made right there in the home and can also be custom made to order. Such an honour to learn about this vibrational healing art from a true master, one who follows her passion and intuition with grace and harmony. - Alice R.

This instrument (Equilibrium chime) was a quick favorite for me, I love the movement it requires, the depth in sound and how the wind quickly picks up on it. It's powerful and rick with a super long wave-like sustain. It just keeps on traveling. Cannot wait to get my hands on all the elements. - Kate M.

Rita <3 I just wanted to drop in and say a huge thank you! I named my chime Rerehua (flowing wind) and played her all day today in preparation for the first time in a class tonight, it was divine! I absolutely love what you have made and then shared with me. Have a beautiful week x Feeling so lucky to hsve found you - Natures magic Wairua

I had a bodywork session with Rita last week. I am blown away by her insight, her knowledge and the mesmerizing sounds around me. I was under that magical influence for days after her very special session.

I have been using frequency, vibrations for a while for healing and space clearing but this is a whole new level of healing. Highly recommended - Edina P.

Hi Rita, I'm very happy to play the chime that you are making. I received it about 3 weeks ago. I've played already working with people. Everybody love it. Many thanks again. Love from cold Poland. - Joanna B.

I work in a corporate office environment and together with a group of my colleagues, I take one of Rita's classes during my lunch break.

Rita is really good at adapting the class to individual requests, including from people who have injuries or who want to focus on a particular routine or muscle group. She is patient, knowledgeable and professional.

Taking the class wakes me up and refreshes me for the afternoon ahead.

These sessions greatly assist with our mental health and work-productivity as well. - Naomi (Planner)

The Sound as Medicine workshop was a great introduction & overview for someone like me who has a curiosity about sound in general. The workshop helped me decide & direct my focus on the one specific sound tool I could use in my work. Definitely value for money, especially with receiving the free equilibrium chime. I’m very grateful. Thank you

- Katarzyna D.

I really loved Rita's 'Healing Through Sound' Workshop.
Rita explains things so clearly and thoroughly. We had a wonderful afternoon of playing and trying out different sound healing instruments, singing, sharing knowledge and enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.
As a Sound Healer, it was so valuable for me to be able to touch and learn about different instruments and what truly lights my heart up before investing in something new. Rita has a vast range to discover.
I would definitely recommend Rita's workshop for those who are curious about different sound healing modalities, or those who would like to try all the different instruments in a relaxed, welcoming and informative intimate group of like-minded souls. Best of all, receiving the amazing Equalibrium Chimes, was the icing on the cake! They have been such a magical addition to my sound healing sessions. Thank you Rita 💛 - - Krysia Soulstar

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and making our retreat extra special with your yoga session and especially the magical sound journey. This was by far the best experience I've had so far. - Jane S.

I recently bought my second small chime (fire) from Rita.
I am so happy with this beautiful instrument. Also the ease of communication and prompt delivery. I can't wait to play it at my next sound immersion class. I highly recommend Rita. - Shayne W.

Hello Rita, Absolutely beautiful piece. I purchased the small (practitioner) water chime and
it was meant to be. 💖🙏🏼 It will flow nicely with my Reiki practice, where I'll be offering energy and sound healing. Thank you so much. - Denise

Initially I came to Rita because of kidney pain, which after the first sound therapy session was resolved. I was so impressed with her work and the magic of this modality that I returned to address my shoulder and neck pain. This too was resolved after the session. In a recent session Rita assisted me with processing grief after the death of our beloved family dog. I continue to received sound therapy sessions with Rita for both general well being and specific physical ailments as they arise. I find this modality very effective and Rita is especially knowledgable and skilled.
I have experienced both physical and emotional benefit from Rita’s sound therapy sessions. The outcomes have always and consistently been positive and immediate.
As a therapist, Rita goes out of her way to make me feel welcomed and comfortable in her beautiful healing sanctuary. Rita has an acute attention to detail. She is an impeccable listener, with a very high standard of work integrity. She is also very sensitive and intuitive to my needs in the moment, with a great capacity to hold space when I am feeling vulnerable.
The outcomes speak for themselves. I was in pain, and now I am not. I was emotionally vulnerable, and with Rita’s assistance I was able to move through difficult emotions. The outcomes and results are the most valuable aspect of this therapy.
I would highly recommend Rita to anyone seeking to address a specific physical, emotional or spiritual issue. Rita has knowledge beyond sound therapy and she is a highly skilled multi-modal therapist. - Katarzyna D.

I started to learn chimes recently and find sound therapy very interesting. First I was impressed by the chimes Rita has as it provided an amazing sounds and overtone.
Then I found Rita has an
online workshop called ‘Sound as Medicine’ and joined straight away. As a beginner to sound therapy, this workshop is so useful as it provide a good introduction of all kind of sound instruments and some basic music theory.
The course is really value for money as you will be receiving a free equilibrium chime and a free 30mins coach call with Rita.
Highly recommend this course.
- Kristen W.

This is the fourth item (Solfeggio chime) l have bought, and l am once again delighted with my purchase. - Janine M.

Very beautifully made! Bought the medium chime. The tubes look cool and sound beautiful!
I have used them during a few sound healing ceremonies and love them! Works great in combination with the crystal singing bowls! Thank you! 🤗🙏❤️‍🔥👁️ - Jean-rey

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