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The 2 tubes are perfectly tuned to: C note at 256 Hz and G note at 384 Hz, also know as the Body Tuner.

Healing tubes size: C 96cm long and G 78cm, both 40mm diameter.

Weight: 0.95kg

A wooden handle (lacquered) and mallet are provided.

Made from high quality tempered aluminum with our special finish.
Amazing long lasting sound/sustain and beautiful overtones.

Playing these 2 notes together creates a healing musical interval known as the perfect fifth (5th)
It's known to have a calming and balancing effect to the whole body.
These healing tubes can help to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of physical, emotional and mental health challenges.

Perfect for health challenges associated with stress.
Research by Perkins (1994) and cited in the Harvard Business Review, states that 60% - 90% of visits to physicians / medical doctors are stress related.

Benefits of this amazing interval:
- harmonising and balancing effect on chakras, heart and sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system
- causes sphenoid bone to vibrate and move in harmonic patterns
- diaphragm sella to resonate in harmony and pituitary gland to release opiates and canniboid receptors in 3rd ventricle of brain (allows conscious awareness to move into higher states; lifts depression)
- stimulates nitric oxide release (catalyses the body to heal, detoxify and take care of itself; improve joint mobility)
- antibacterial
- antiviral
- enhances immune system

It truly is an amazing combination of tones/frequencies ... highly beneficial and effective on many levels of our being when played together as our Body Balance set.

Please Note: due to the nature of metal (aluminium) changes in temperature will effect the flexibility and size of the tubes and with that the absolute acuracy of frequency of the product. We do our best to achieve the highest acuracy possible at time of production and individual tuning of the tubes.

Adult supervision required if used by children. We can not accept any responsibility for an injuries.

All our chimes are completely hand-made by us on the Gold Coast, Australia!

We do Not out-source the creation and birth of these special sound healing tools and pride ourselves in providing a unique and hand-made instrument.

1-4 weeks depending on your location.

Equilibrium Swinging Chimes are carefully packaged to protect it during shipping.
International shipping is available. Please contact us for a quote based on your location.

All purchases from Rita Schwarcz - Equilibrium Lifestyle are made pursuant to shipping arrangements and we are not responsible for any losses or damage once the product has been posted or collected from our warehouse by Australia Post, TNT, DHL or Sendle. We choose Australia Post as our main common carrier due to their best practice reputation. We will always provide you with tracking information for future reference in case of any delivery issues.


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Body Balance Tubes

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