Clear quartz merkaba pendent wrapped in a silver wire to enhance its powers and energy. It comes on a black string with adjustable sliding knot.


Silver chain and gift wrapping in little box also available but please contact for this option as there would be an additional charge depending on what you need🙏


Size: 1 - 2.5cm (depending on stock available)


Clear quartz is a natural crystal and look will vary will clearness and possible inclusions in the crystal.

We hand-pick every piece to be able to offer you beautiful jewellery✨


The word Merkaba is actually composed of three separate words:

Mer, which means light, Ka, which means spirit and Ba, which means Body.

Put together, these three words connote the union of spirit with the body, Surrounded by light.

The symbol, which takes the shape of a star, is believed to be a divine vehicle made entirely of light and designed to transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms. It is said that the symbol is composed of two-star tetrahedrons, which consists of counter-rotating fields of light and energy that surrounds each person. This energy extends beyond the body. Some believe that even planets have this

Merkaba energy field around it.

Discover The Union Of Body And Spirit Be Love ❤️


The Merkaba (meaning light-spirit-body) is the energy sphere in which everything exists. It is the vehicle that carries you to the dimensions of unity and love that exist beyond the mind.

The upward and downward interlocked tetrahedrons represent the duality of existence—body and spirit—united in the harmony of a singular form. Together, they are one light. Since each of its corner points are equally distant from each of its others, in a sacred geometric jewelry pattern, there is no strain or tension in the Merkaba.

Only rest and equilibrium. It expresses the potential of a world of community and peace where no one is separate. All are one and one is all.


The Merkaba has been shared, taught and utilized for thousands of years and through many ages of life.

The purpose of Yoga is to save individual souls from the calamity of separate existence, the same ideal of unity symbolized by the Merkaba.

Zen Buddhism is a path to enlightenment focused on meditation, to the same higher consciousness the Merkaba so beautifully represents.

Merkaba meditation, first practiced in ancient Egypt, consists of 18 spherical breaths, which open the heart to a state of unconditional love that exists beyond the mind, in the realm of oneness. Through this state of oneness, we reflect our mutual light.

The Merkaba is the most powerful symbol of spiritual evolution.

It is not something you can read or learn about. It is something you must experience.

Discover The Light.

You Are The Merkaba.

Merkaba pendant