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Why I use what I use

Every step, every tool, every ingredient, every thought counts when creating a frequency product

Power of Sacred plants - Essential Oils

Essential oils are a liquid concentrate of the unadorned aromatic molecules of a plant. These oils have the distinctive aroma and flavor of the plant of origin. This nourishing liquid enthusiastically absorbs through the membrane of our skin to bless mood, mind, and body. Sincere, generous, and immeasurable plant life!

Plant oils are botanical miracles. When oils are skillfully combined, the mosaic effect of thousands of plant compounds bursts forth with an intelligence and life force that defines every Equilibrium creation.

Power of Crystals

Beside their beauty, crystals have the ability to positively influence the human vibrations they come into contact with. Each crystal has a different energy vibration, they vibrate at their own consistent frequencies. They have different properties and therefore different healing benefits.

Equilibrium Lifestyle product are combined with specific crystals to enhance its effects and the crystals are inside each bottle.

Power of Sound/Frequency

Ancient civilizations around the world had known of the power of sound, frequency, and vibration for thousands of years. This power has been utilized in the forms of prayers for Christians and Muslims, mantras for Hindus and Buddhists, and chants for the Shamanic traditions. This shows us how words and vibrations have an immense power. Cases of using sound to achieve healing and supernatural results can be found in almost all ancient civilizations. They are not some voodoo tricks; they are pure science used by the ancients. You can also read about the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his sound remedies.

Dr. Masaru Emoto – the famous Japanese scientist, and water researcher discovered the true nature of water and that our thoughts and vibrations can affect the molecular structure of water. He discovered that the most beautiful formations are those formed after the water is exposed to the words “love” and “gratitude,” while water exposed to negative emotions and words, like “hate,” form incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colours.

Equilibrium Lifestyle products are cleansed and charged with sound frequencies of several modalities including both traditional and new, and highest intentions/thoughts to completely change the game of skincare products. Negative energies have been cleansed away and positive and effective energies have been charged to amplify and enhance the goodness of the botanical oils. They are truly BEYOND good oils.

Power of Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of creation and the genesis, the origin of all form. Sacred geometry is considered as an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organizes itself. Sacred geometry contains high frequencies of energy that can activate, heal, awaken, and transform. The symbols are like codes that assist you in your journey of life and bring about certain effects of healing, harmonizing and re-balancing on all levels connecting your energy and the source.

Equilibrium Lifestyle products are energetically charged with sacred geometry including pyramid, Flower of life, Merkaba and more.

There have been many researches on the power of pyramid as an energy generator and charger. Plants grow stronger and quicker in a pyramid, food and drinks become tastier charged in a pyramid, etc.

You can research about sacred geometry and you will make amazing discoveries of its healing power and the universe.

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