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Sound As Medicine

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HEALING THROUGH SOUND & FREQUENCY Learn about various frequency instruments & how to support your own & loved ones well-being. Return to optimal well-being physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Create a strong foundation of knowledge to use Sound as Your Medicine for yourself and/or add it to your current offerings/services. Receive a FREE EQUILIBRIUM CHIME as a GIFT to start your journey (RRP $299) You will be surprised how much is in this course! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: - What is sound healing/sound therapy - 17+ different instruments & how to use them - Toning and using Your Voice as your inbuilt instrument - Basics of Music Theory like notes/intervals & their effects on our body, mind and soul - Binaural beats, Chakras and other Science Facts - Frequency & its effects on our bodies & surroundings - How & When to add all this to your well-being journey and to your other services - Space, Tools & Ceremony (cacao, cards, smudging etc) that can be added to your sessions - Intention setting & how it's done - Contraindications you need to know about - How to find the best sound tools for your needs & what to look out for when purchasing instruments - and much more... PLUS: A Free 30min coaching call with me! NOTE: This course is designed for personal knowledge/skill gathering & may not provide you enough skills/knowledge/experience to work as a certified sound therapist and get liability insurance. Shipping cost will be quoted based on location and needs to be covered by customer. Will I get a certificate? You'll receive a Certificate of Completion once you finish our online course. As of 2023, no single government agency globally certifies sound healing schools. This means that there isn’t a universally recognized standard or governing body that oversees/validates any sound healing certification. The field remains largely self-regulated, with individual schools and associations determining the curriculum and standards of practice.

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