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Affiliate Program

Equilibrium Lifestyle is all about building a community, and about supporting small businesses.

We are about growing together, not making the rich richer!


For this reason we have chosen to open our affiliate program, instead of running paid social media advertising. When you love our products and you share it with your following and tribe, we want to support you and your kindness. So we would rather support you and your family, than another large corporation and their CEO's.


We also offer wholesale and drop-ship so simple get in touch if you'd like to know more on this front. But if you'd just like to share our products online, or put it on your website with your own affiliate link, and not have to worry about the packing and posting, sign up below to get your unique affiliate link. 

When you become an affiliate with us you get to offer 10% discount to your following and you will receive 15% commission yourself.

Remember when posting not to tag our business, but instead use the hashtag #equilibriumchimes so you clients don't come straight to us, they purchase through your link,  but this way we can also share your page with our beautiful community. 

Together we can grow. 

Simply click here to sign up to our affiliate program.  

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