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This set includes the 6 Sacred Solfeggio Tuners plus the 3 missing Solfeggio tuning forks, making up the complete Secret Solfeggio Set of 9.


You will receive the set with an activator in a black velveteen pouch.


Solfeggio frequencies are great for emotional healing and personal awareness.


These frequencies were made popular by Dr. Puelo in his book, The Healing Codes of the Biological Apocalypse. In it, Dr. Puleo recognized in the Old Testament how the numbers 3, 6 and 9 were used for healing, using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers.

For example, one of the frequencies are 417hz; 4+1+7=12, 1+2=3.


The 6 STANDARD Frequencies are:


Ut=396 Hz (=9) (Ut quent laxis)
For Liberating Guilt and Fear
Re=417 Hz (=3) (Resonare fibris)
For Facilitating Change & Support, also Releasing Negativity & Trauma
Mi=528 Hz (=6) (Mira gestorum)
For Transformation, Miracles, DNA Repair & Facilitating Love
Fa=639 Hz (=9) (Famuli tuorum)
For Connecting & Relationships
Sol=741 Hz (=3) (Solve polluti)
For Awakening Intuition
La=852 Hz (=6) (Labii reatum)
For Returning to Spirit


The 3 missing Solffegio Notes:

174 Hz (=3) For Releasing Pain & Tension

285 Hz (=6) For Energy, Safety & Survival

963 Hz (=9) For Oneness


How to use:

Hold up to 3 forks by the stem and activate at the side edge. Hold near the ears or move them gently in your biofield till the sound fully disipates before reactivating. Use 2-3x for 1 (or set) of note(s).


This tuning fork is made from special grade aluminium alloy and the frequency is tuned to an accuracy of +/- 0.25%. 

The tuning fork comes in a velveteen pouch with an activator.

It is machine cut (not moulded), hand finished and is of good quality and great value. 



1-4 weeks depending on your location.

All of our products are carefully packaged to protect it during shipping.


All purchases from Rita Schwarcz - Equilibrium Lifestyle are made pursuant to shipping arrangements and we are not responsible for any losses or damage once the product has been posted or collected from our warehouse by Australia Post, UPS or Sendle. We choose Australia Post as our main common carrier due to their best practice reputation. We will always provide you with tracking information for future reference in case of any delivery issues.


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Solfeggio 9 Tuning Fork Set Unweighted

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