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Scientific Evidence of Pearl Powder

Discover The Amazing Health& Beauty Benefits Of Pearl Powder

Get Ready For A New Skin And Health Care Revolution! Research Proves That Pearl Powder Literally Heals


There is abundant Scientific Evidence On the Health And Beauty benefits of Pearl Powder. Research is very close to discovering the elusive fountain of youth, as you will see on this page. All links are updated, and when new Scientific research is discovered and expounded, those links and information will be here too.

DNA and RNA Genetics

Yaohua Shi, Chengcheng Yu, Zhifeng Gu, Xin Zhan, Yan Wang, Aimin Wang
Characterization of the Pearl Oyster (Pinctada Martensii) Mantle Transcriptome Unravels Biomineralization Genes , doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0021860

Scientists were amazed by the incredible compatibility of pearl and the human body. In 2004, they made a stunning discovery; the DNA involved in the creation of pearl is nearly identical to the part of the human DNA that is responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body. In other words, we share a deep-rooted kinship with pearl, right down to the DNA level. Pearl is completely compatible with human bone.

Researchers claim that various components of pearl can stimulate the metabolism's activities of the genetic material in a cell - the DNA and RNA - thus promotes and accelerates the regeneration of new cells. Keeping the DNA molecular structure intact ensures the maximum amount of nutrients and proteins are absorbed by the body.

Research finds that Pearl Powder repairs DNA damaged skin cells and the consequences of oxidative stress in the body. Scientific studies attribute these effects to an enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD), that supercharges our body’s power to reverse free radical damage. Emerging evidence supports pearl powder’s reputation as a remedy for dull, uneven skin tone, and depleted skin.

Because of the pearl's crystalline structure and its connection with our human calcium metabolism, the calcium, essential trace minerals, proteins, amino acids, and polysaccharides supplied by pearl are in the right proportion, are more compatible with your body, and more absorbable by your body.

The elements that make pearls luminous and strong, in fact do the same for our skin and body.


Camprasse S, Camprasse G, Pouzol M, Lopez E
Artificial dental root made of natural calcium carbonate (Bioracine).” Clin Mater. 1990;5(2-4):235-50.

Bioracine presents two new technical innovations: a periprosthetic epithelial attachment of connective tissue with an active shock absorbing system. Bioracine is an exceptional dental root substitute that matches the biological properties of natural bone. French scientists show that pearl is not only completely compatible with our human bone, it can also stimulate new bone growth and make existing bone stronger. This makes pearl an ideal tooth filler, bone builder and bone substitute.

Latest scientific discovery reveals that the regulation of calcium involved in pearl formation is also similar to humans, at the DNA level. Pearl is completely compatible with human bone, which stimulates new bone growth, and increases mineralization, which enhances bone density, and makes existing bone stronger. This makes pearl the perfect tooth filler, bone strengthener and bone substitute.

In 1990, Lopez E and group of French scientists at The Physiology Research Lab at The National Natural History Museum in Paris decided to investigate pearl fillings as compared with empty cavities and with cavities patched with the normal acrylic polymer filling used by dentists called PMMA.

They found the pearl tooth filling induced the formation of new layers of bone and made existing teeth stronger. A French study, and other's alike, demonstrated that pearl is osteogenic, meaning it can stimulate new bone formation and make existing bone stronger.

Lopez E, Vidal B, Berland S, Camprasse S, Camprasse G, Silve C.
Demonstration of the capacity of pearl to induce bone formation by human osteoblasts maintained in vitro. Tissue Cell. 1992;24(5):667-79.

Nacre implanted in vivo in bone is osteogenic suggesting that it may possess factor(s) which stimulate bone formation. The present study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that nacre can induce mineralization by human osteoblasts in vitro. The results demonstrate that a complete sequence of bone formation is reproduced when human osteoblasts are cultured in the presence of nacre. This model provides a new approach to study the steps of osteoblastic differentiation and the mechanisms of induction of mineralization.

Lopez and other French scientists from the Biophysics Laboratory at the Museum D’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France, have found that pearl nacre, which is contained in Pearl Powder, can enhance regeneration of fibroblasts. They found that pearl nacre enhanced the fibroblasts synthesis of the extracellular matrix. It increased the production of components that help cells stick together (which reinforces the barrier function of the skin) and their cellular communication with each other. And it also helped collagen − the main structural protein in the skin − regenerate itself.

In Vitro Osteogenetic Activity Of Pearl Biomaterials Volume 27, Issue 2, January 2006.

Both vivo and vitro studies have shown that shell nacre and hydroxyapatite (HA) are promising bioactive materials for bone repair. It is concluded that pearl is a superior osteoinductive material with high osteogenetic activity.

Research from all over the world, both inviro and invitro, reveals that taking pearl internally may well prevent porous bone problem. French scientists find that pearl can stimulate new bone formation, activate osteogenic bone marrow cells, and increase bone mineralization. Furthermore, French scientists have shown that pearl can reduce the rate of bone resorption.

Studies show a dynamic activity of the bone/nacre interface, leading to continuity between pearl nacre and the bone.

Lamghari M, Almeida MJ, Berland S, Huet H, Laurent A, Milet C, Lopez E.
Stimulation of bone marrow cells and bone formation by pearl: in vivo and in vitro studies. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 181, 229-235.


Hyunsoo Kim, Kyunghee Lee, Chang-Yong Ko, Han-Sung Kim, Hong-In Shin, Taesoo Kim, Seoung Hoon Lee, Daewon Jeong.
The Role of Nacreous Factors in Preventing Osteoporotic Bone Loss Through Both Osteoblast Activation and Osteoclast Inactivation .

Excessive bone resorption by osteoclasts relative to bone formation by osteoblasts results in the development of osteoporosis. We now show that water-soluble nacreous factors prepared from the pearl oyster Pteria martensii prevent osteoporotic bone loss associated with estrogen deficiency mainly through osteoclast inactivation. Nacreous factors stimulated osteoblast biomineralization in vitro in association with activation of signaling by c-Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase (JNK) and Fos-related antigen-1 (Fra-1).

They also suppressed both osteoclast formation by blocking up-regulation of nuclear factor of activated T cells cytoplasmic 1 (NFATc1) as well as bone pit formation mediated by mature osteoclasts, likely by disrupting the actin ring of these cells. Our findings thus show that the components of a natural material have beneficial effects on bone remodeling that are mediated through regulation of both osteoblast and osteoclast function. They may thus provide a basis for the development of biomimetic bone material as well as anti-osteoporotic agents.


Hsin-Ling Yang, Mallikarjuna Korivi, Ming-Kuem Lin, Hebron Chun-Wei Chang, Chi-Rei Wu, Meng-Shiou Lee, William Tzu-Liang Chen, You-Cheng Hseu
Antihemolytic And Antioxidant Properties Of Pearl Powder

Our findings conclude that pearl powder attenuate free radical-induced hemolysis and oxidative damage to erythrocyte membrane lipids/proteins. The potent antioxidant property of pearl powder may offer protection from free radical-related diseases. This study concludes that pearl powder as a complementary medicine could be a valid substance to include in the preparation of novel therapeutic drugs to treat diseases with an impaired antioxidant system and hemolysis. Our results further suggest that in-depth molecular studies should be carried out to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of pearl powder.

The antioxidation and anti-aging efficacy of various extracts of pearl powder were assessed. Pearl powder administration showed a substantial increase in total antioxidant capacity, total thiols, Glutathione content, enzymic antioxidant activity as well as considerably suppressed the lipid peroxidation products.

Other studies have shown that pearl powder promotes the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. It acts as an antioxidant to promote the production of glycosaminoglycans. GAGs are the major sulfated glycan in green algae found in the ocean which oysters and clams feed off of. GAGs are sulfated glycans that regulate various biological and medical functions. Glycosaminoglycans' primary role is to maintain and support collagen, elastin and turgidity (bounce) in the cellular spaces and keep protein fibers in balance. The sea is a wealthy environment of unique GAGs.

Studies have also shown that pearl-dependent enzymes help firm, smooth, and soften the skin quicker than other anti-aging skin care products. In addition, the peptides in pearl have been shown to remove damaged collagen and elastin from the skin and scar tissue.

Prajjal Kanti Singha, Satyahari Dey.
Water Soluble Bioactives of Nacre Mediate Antioxidant Activity and Osteoblast Differentiation.

Abstrace: Nacre holds potential in the development of therapeutics for bone regeneration and against oxidative stress induced damages in cells.


Hui-Fang Chiu, Su-Chun Hsiao, Yan-Ying Lu, Yi-Chun Han, You-Cheng Shen, Kamesh Venkatakrishnan, Chin-Kun Wang, Chiu et al.
Efficacy of Protein Rich Pearl Powder on Antioxidant Status in a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial. Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics", 13 June 2017.

Pearl is a renown traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) prescribed for treating various skin and bone related disorders due to its abundant proteins and mineral contents. The present investigation focused on antioxidation and life span prolonging effects from different extracts of pearl powder.

The outcome of both in-vitro and in-vivo antioxidant activity inferred that protein extract of pearl powder was a potent antioxidant and thereby prolonged the lifespan of C. elegans. Hence, pearl powder could be recommended for treating various age-related degenerative disorders.

Pearl Powder is the most powerful antioxidant. Studies have proven that pearl powder enhances the activity of super oxide dismutase (SOD), one of the body's main antioxidant enzymes which quickly and thoroughly removes melanin or pigmentation, thus to make skin brighter. It also reduce peroxidation, one of the major aging processes of our body.

Their findings conclude that pearl powder attenuate free radical-induced hemolysis and oxidative damage to erythrocyte membrane lipids/proteins. The potent antioxidant property of pearl powder may offer protection from free radical-related diseases.

SOD is important for our health and longevity. It plays an important role in maintaining lung function, vascular tone, the contractile activity of vascular smooth muscle cells in the walls of small arteries and arterioles, is the major determinant of the resistance to blood flow through the circulation. It is is dependent on a complex interplay of vasodilator and vasoconstrictor stimuli from circulating hormones, neurotransmitters, endothelium-derived factors, and blood pressure. Also, it plays an vital part in the metabolism, and in the prevention of such diseases as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and arthritis.

Many scientists consider SOD to be the most important antioxidant directly linked to longevity.


Hana Yamamoto, Nanami Shimomura, Kazuma Oura
Muroran Institute of Technology
Research On Aging and Extending Life Span.

In this study, we investigated the effects of the extract from the nacreous layer of pearl oysters (nacre extract) on D-galactose-induced brain and skin aging. Treatment with nacre extract led to the recovery of D-galactose-induced memory impairment, as examined using the Barnes maze, novel object recognition, and Y-maze tests. A histological study showed that nacre extract suppressed D-galactose-induced neuronal cell death and the expression of B-cell lymphoma 2 (Bcl-2)-associated X protein (Bax), which causes apoptosis in the hippocampus.

In addition, the expression levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which counteracts age-related brain dysfunction, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-dependent deacetylase (sirtuin 1), which delays aging and extends lifespan, increased after nacre extract treatment. Moreover, the nacre extract showed antiaging effects against D-galactose-induced skin aging; it suppressed D-galactose- induced wrinkle formation, decreased skin moisture, decreased epidermal thickness, and destroyed collagen arrangement associated with aging. Furthermore, the nacre extract suppressed oxidative stress associated with aging in the brain and skin by upregulating the expression of catalase and superoxide dismutase.

Chinese scientists discovered that taking pearl powder internally can extend the life span of silk worms, mice and fruit flies by 20% to 57%. Translated to the human, with our current life style we may live up to 80 years old. When consuming pearl powder we may live up to 96 or even to 125 years old.

The antioxidation and anti-aging efficacy of various extracts of pearl powder were assessed. The protein extract of pearl powder exhibit the highest antioxidant activity as well as effectively prolonged the life span of C. elegans to showcase its anti-aging property. Pearl powder administration showed a substantial increase in total antioxidant capacity, total thiols, Glutathione content, enzymic antioxidant activity as well as considerably suppressed the lipid peroxidation products.

Not only can pearl extend life span, it can also improve the quality of life. Studies done in China demonstrated that pearl can boost immune function and memory in animals. In one study, it found that taking pearl for 12 days can enhance antibody production in mice and increase cellular protective functions.

Pearl when taken internally Pearl Powder slows down the aging process, build cells, protects us from bacteria, viruses, and the development of cancer cells.

Pearl Powder contains signal proteins. Pearl signal proteins are the ultimate anti-aging ingredients. When they enter the human body, they act as messengers, sending out signals to create fresh, new cells. The reason we age is that our cells are no longer able to regenerate themselves. Thanks to the wear and tear of the years, they incur permanent damage that affects their ability to function...and ultimately causes their death.

By stimulating skin cell regeneration, pearl signal proteins give you a more youthful complexion. By stimulating organ and muscle cell regeneration, they make your vital organs strong and help your muscles recuperate faster. By stimulating bone cell regeneration, they help you grow better bones and make your existing bones stronger.

Pearl signal proteins renew, regenerate, and restore what time has taken away.

Research studies also demonstrate that pearl has a significant effect on cardiovascular health. For example, pearl can enhance the hearts contraction without affecting the frequency of heart beat, which means more oxygen-rich blood is pumped per beat through the circulatory system without increasing the actual numbers of beats. The research also indicates that pearl can help the heart keep its natural rhythm, recover from the effects of arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythm. Furthermore, several human clinical studies reveal that taking pearl powder internally can successfully promote healthy blood pressure.

Studies proves that Pearl Powder helps treat various age-related degenerative disease/disorders for enhanced quality of life.


Chen HS1, Chang JH, Wu JS.
Calcium Bioavailability Of Nanonized Pearl Powder For Adults..

We conclude that pearl powder is a beneficial source of calcium for adults and that nanonization (finely ground) improves its calcium bioavailability.

Vujasinović-Stupar N1, Novković S, Jezdić I.
Supplementation with bio-calcium from shells Pinctada maxima in postmenopausal women with decreased mineral bone density - pilot study..

Treatment of osteoporosis, in addition to a specific antiresorptive or anabolic treatment, requires supplementation with calcium and vitamin D. Widespread cultivation of pearl shells has made pearls available for commercial use for a very reasonable price. The main chemical compound of pearls from shells Pinctada maxima is calcium-carbonate (CaCO3). Recently developed technologies applied in a micronisation process have provided increased gastrointestinal resorption of calcium, estimated at over 90% of calcium intake.

Chinese scientists also showed that calcium from pearl is more easily absorbed to human body than the commonly used calcium source. Chinese scientists have also directly explored the possibility of using pearl to treat animals with osteoporosis. They gave mice a pearl formulation for 90 days. They found that the mice taking the pearl formulation experienced significantly higher bone calcium content, higher bone mineral density, and higher total bone weight in comparison to the mice that did not. This research by scientists from across the globe indicates that pearl is one of the most effective way to prevent osteoporosis.

Studies have also shown that pearl powder promotes the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Tsukamoto D, Sarashina I, Endo K.
Structure and expression of an unusually acidic matrix protein of pearl oyster shells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2004 Aug 6;320(4):1175-80.

We report identification and characterization of the unusually acidic molluscan shell matrix protein Aspein, which may have important roles in calcium carbonate biomineralization. The Aspein gene (aspein) encodes a sequence of 413 amino acids, including a high proportion of Asp (60.4%), Gly (16.0%), and Ser (13.2%), and the predicted isoelectric point is 1.45; this is the most acidic of all the molluscan shell matrix proteins sequenced so far, or probably even of all known proteins on earth.

The main body of Aspein is occupied by (Asp)(2-10) sequences punctuated with Ser-Gly dipeptides. RT-PCR demonstrated that the transcript of aspein is expressed at the outer edge of the mantle, corresponding to the calcitic prismatic layer, but not at the inner part of the mantle, corresponding to the aragonitic nacreous layer. Our findings and previous in vitro experiments taken together suggest that Aspein is responsible for directed formation of calcite in the shell of the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata.

Xie LP1, Wu YT, Dai YP, Li Q, Zhang RQ.
A Novel Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-Anchored Alkaline Phosphatase Dwells In The Hepatic Duct Of The Pearl Oyster, Pinctada Fucata..

We identified a full-length cDNA encoding a potential alkaline phosphatse from pearl oyster Pinctada fucata by RT-PCR and RACE and designated the encoded protein as PFAP. The sequence of PFAP shares an overall similarity of 67% with that of human TNAP. Analysis revealed that the PFAP contains two mammalian-specific regions, the crown domain, involved in collagen binding, and the calcium binding domain, which hint its potential ability to participate in biomineralization.

These findings implied pearl powder's role in calcium absorption and transportation. This research will hopefully pave the way to illustrate the role PFAP plays in calcium transportation related to pearl biomineralization.

Medicine & Cosmetics

Bakardzhiev, Ts. Kalinova, D. Gesheva, M. Stancheva, S. Laskova.
Pearl Powder Application Is An Innovation In Both Medicine And Dermatocosmetics..

Abstracts on the topic reviewed are: Pearl powder is considered an active substance with numerous actions, including moisturizing, whitening, anticonvulsive, antioxidant, sedative, antiosteoporotic and osteogenic effects. It stimulates regeneration and wound healing and is shown to have anti-aging properties. In addition, pearl powder modifications via nanotechnology demonstrate considerable changes in absorption and bioavailability.

Combined with nanotechnology it can become even more effective.

Skin Regeneration

Shao DZ1, Wang CK, Hwang HJ, Hung CH, Chen YW.
Comparison Of Hydration,Tyrosinase Resistance, And Antioxidant Activation In Three Kinds Of Pearl Powders.

The results provide a reliable scientific basis for the use of pearl powder in beauty treatment, resistance to aging, and clinical medical treatment.

Reasearch confirms that pearl can increase skin regeneration, thus help improve skin tone and promote youthful looking skin. In fact, pearl can help keep your body in shape and make your muscle and organs strong. Pearl when taken internally slows down the aging process, build cells, protects us from bacteria, viruses, and the development of cancer cells.

Research also indicates that pearl powder can speed up the healing process of a variety of skin conditions from rashes and redness, to healing wounds and treating burns. According to the best known Chinese herbal book, “Ben Cao Gang Mu” or “Materia Medica” by Shizhen Li (1518-1593), pearl can stimulate new skin growth, release toxins, speed and improve healing, remove sun damage, alleviate age spots, and promote more radiant, younger looking skin.

It has special attributes for removing acne, acne scars, skin ulcers, melasma (which causes freckles, age spots, and dark patches on the skin), wrinkles, as well as nourishes the skin and makes it smooth, fine, elastic, healthy and naturally beautiful. Pearl Powder also contains a natural sunscreen.

Tong ZH, Gu WZ, Zhu G, Zhao YW.
The anti-aging effect of pearl oyster shell powder (POSP).. Journal of traditional Chinese medicine. 1988, Vol 8, Num 4, pp 247-250 ; ref : 6 ref

Research considers Pearl powder to be most effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

According to the best known Chinese herbal book, "Ben Cao Gang Mu" or "Materia Medica" by Shizhen Li (1518-1593), pearl can stimulate new skin growth, release toxins, speed and improve healing, remove sun damage, alleviate age spots, increase skin regeneration, and promote more radiant, younger looking skin. Studies provide a reliable scientific basis for the use of pearl powder in beauty treatment, resistance to aging, and clinical medical treatment. This precious deep sea Gem delivers medicinal healing properties to the skin, hair, nails and body. Research concludes that Pearl powder is the most effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

Pearl Powder helps maintain youthful function of cells and healthy telomeres, protects the body from harmful free radicals and target the sources of aging, such as oxidative stress.


Tatsuya Fuji, Tatsurou Inoue, Yasushi Hasegawa
Nacre Extract Prevents Scopolamine-Induced Memory Deficits In Rodents

Administration of nacre extract led to the protection against scopolamine-induced impairments in object recognition, short-term memory, and spatial memory. Treatment with nacre extract reversed the mRNA expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and Homer protein homolog 1 (Homer-la) in the hippocampus, which decreased with the treatment of scopolamine. Conclusions: These results suggest that nacre extract has attenuating effects on memory impairments induced by scopolamine through the increase in mRNA expression of BDNF and Homer-1a.

In one study, Chinese scientists found that Pearl can actually increase childrens IQ. In the study, researchers gave 750-1500 mg of Pearl powder every day to more than 200 children with mental disabilities. After three months, the IQ of 92% of the children improved by more than 80%, which enhanced their IQs into the normal range. (37)

Two more studies in China found after giving a group of mice Pearl powder in their meals, 1% for 14 days, they performed much better on their maze tests and had stronger immunity than the group that did not supplement with Pearl. The studies indicated that Pearl powder can boost the immune system, and improve memory and learning ability in mice, in other words, it made them smarter and healthier. (38, 39)

Wound Healing

Chen X1,2, Peng LH1,3, Chee SS1, Shan YH1, Liang WQ1, Gao JQ
Nanoscaled Pearl Powder Accelerates Wound Repair And Regeneration In Vitro And In Vivo.

It was demonstrated that, all the micro and nanosized pearl powders could both increase the proliferation and migration of skin cells and accelerate the wound closure, as well as significantly enhanced the biomechanic strength of the healed skins.

Moreover, the pearl powder treatment could improve the formation and regular deposition of collagen, and enhance the skin angiogenesis. Among all vitro and vivo investigations, nanoscale pearl powder expressed the highest efficiency for healing.

The mechanism might be contributed to the increased release of active proteins, enhanced tissue attachment, and the increased cellular uptake for the nano powder at the topical site.

Pearl powder has been used to treat many diseases like palpitations, insomnia, and epilepsy for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It has demonstrated antioxidant, antiaging, antiradiative, and tonic activities. Pearl powder contains multiple active proteins, which are nutritious for skin cells and might be advantageous for wound repair and regeneration.

Jian-Ping D1, Jun C, Yu-Fei B, Bang-Xing H, Shang-Bin G, Li-Li J.
Effects Of Pearl Powder Extract and Its Fractions On Fibroblast Function Relevant To Wound Repair..

The results showed that the WSM and MR14 could significantly promote fibroblast proliferation This study has proved that the mechanism by which pearl powder promotes wound healing is partly due to its ability to stimulate fibroblast mitosis, collagen deposition, and TIMP-1 production, and the major active fraction may be MR14.

Li YC1, Chen CR, Young TH.
Pearl Extract Enhances The Migratory Ability Of Fibroblasts In A Wound Healing Model..

For 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has been used as a remedy for general health improvement, including the fight against aging. Pearl powder has recently been used as a health food that has antioxidant, antiaging, antiradioactive, and tonic activities for cells; it is also applied to cure aphthous ulcer, gastric ulcer, and duodenal ulcer on clinical therapy. In addition, the pearl, nacre, could enhance the cell adhesion and tissue regeneration of skin fibroblasts.

Fibroblast is regarded as indispensable in the processes of wound healing. The present study found that the migration-promoting effect in PL, which could be a supplement in cell culture. These data suggest PL could be useful for enhancing the wound healing of fibroblasts.

However, it tells us more than this. Since fibroblasts are "builder cells" that abound in all connective tissue that surround our muscles, skin, and organs, by enhancing fibroblasts regeneration, pearl in fact can help keep your body in shape and make your muscle and organs strong.

Clinical studies have also shown that pearl treats chronic mouth ulcers and skin ulcers.

Nervous System

Life Sciences
Roles of taurine in cognitive function of physiology, pathologies and toxication.

Study of the effects of pearl on central nervous system. Taurine, a componant in pearl powder, is an abundant, β-amino acid with diverse cytoprotective activity. Findings have spurred interest in the potential use of taurine as a therapeutic agent. The discovery that taurine is an effective therapy against congestive heart failure led to the study of taurine as a therapeutic agent against other disease conditions. Today, taurine has been approved for the treatment of congestive heart failure in Japan and shows promise in the treatment of several other diseases.

The present review summarizes studies supporting a role of taurine in the treatment of diseases of muscle, the central nervous system, and the cardiovascular system. In addition, taurine is extremely effective in the treatment of the mitochondrial disease, mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS), and offers a new approach for the treatment of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, and inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis.

Recent studies have uncovered novel mechanisms responsible for taurine-mediated cytoprotection. Another important mechanism of taurine cytoprotection is attenuation of endoplasmic reticular (ER) stress. Taurine has an effect on the central nervous system. Clearly, clinical studies examining the effectiveness of taurine against stroke in humans is warranted.

This data also covers Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's disease, along with Epilepsy, Retinal degeneration, Congestive heart failure, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Diabetes mellitus, Sarcopenia, Muscular dystrophy.

Studies show that pearl can promote a calming effect on the nervous system and ease pain. They discovered that pearl can increase positive "elevated mood" neurotransmitters, thus reduce stress levels, and promote peaceful, positive Internal energy.

Research indicates that pearl powder taken internally can improve heart function. They found that pearl powder can strengthen the heart and promote a regular heart rhythm without affecting the frequency of heart beat. This means more oxygen-rich blood is pumped per beat through the circulatory system without increasing numbers of beats.

Similar studies have been reported that when pearl powder is taken internally, relieves dizziness, headaces and irritability, and improves sleep. They found that pearl can reduce lipid peroxide and cholesterol levels of coronary diseased patients, and boosts immune functions.

Sedation And Tranquilization

Anticonvulsant And Sedative-Hypnotic Activity Screening Of Pearl And Nacre. Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 181, 2 April 2016, Pages 229-235

The main purpose of the current investigation was to assess the anticonvulsant and sedative-hypnotic activity of pearl powder and nacre powder, including their corresponding 6 protein extracts. The findings correlated with the traditional use of pearl and nacre as sedation and tranquilization agents, thus making them interesting sources for further drug development and also providing critical important evidence for the selection of quality control markers.

Scientific research discovered that pearl can increase positive "elevated mood" neurotransmitters, and thus reduce the level of stress, and promote a more peaceful, positive internal biochemistry, to promote deep sleep.

Eye Site

Xu H1, Huang K, Gao Q, Gao Z, Han X.
A Study On The Prevention And Treatment Of Myopia.

The results provide a basis for using nacre, a traditional Chinese mineral medicine, to prevent and treat myopia. (Nearsightedness)

Science validated that pearl powder enhances eyesight and treats and prevents eye diseases such as Nearsightedness.


Pearl Powder is a precious gift that everyone needs in their life to be a healthier, happier and younger looking and feeling you.

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