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"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


sound therapy with tuning forks
equilibrium swinging chime soundhealing instrument
  • Equilibrium Bodywork

  • Sound Journeys

  • Yoga ~ Corporate Wellness

  • Equilibrium Swinging Chimes

  • Equilibrium Products

  • Pearl Powder

  • Sound As Medicine (online course)


I made this website for you!

You, who are searching for Change, Balance and a non-label approach to create a lifestyle you actually love.

I hope it lights your mind, body and soul on fire!

Remember: there is no competition for Your Own Best path. There is only you, getting in or out of the way of your amazingness.

This here is my world, and in it, you’ll find tools, trainings, resources, inspirations, opportunities and so much more that you can use, today, to remove roadblocks and suffering, support your healing journey and create a life you desire, starting now!

Adventure around, have fun – take only what resonates and leave the rest!



Rita Schwarcz
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